Adjustment of the sling 10 years after the intervention

Continence can be easily regained whenever needed

Since more than 20 years ago, the TRT Remeex System is an established reality in the Female Stress Urinary Incontinence products market. It is the only existing solution that allows a lifetime re-adjustment of the sling urethral support; it means that patient can be adjusted whenever needed during her life, without re-operating, avoiding failures and all the associated problems related with failed interventions and repeated surgeries.

Lifetime re-adjustability of the sling urethral support with the TRT Remeex System. Surgeon can adjust the sling whenever needed during patient’s lifetime, without re-operating again the patient in case of sling failure.

SUI patients, treated with Remeex System, can be continent always, because if some day, for any reason they start leaking again, surgeon can adjust the sling support and patient will regain continence again.

The lifetime re-adjustable sling for Female Stress Urinary IncontinenceSix adjustments 10 years after the intervention

This year, six patients that where operated between 2001 and 2004 have been easily re-adjusted and have regained continence.

Dr. Laucirica in Barcelona (Spain) and Dr. Sousa in Lugo (Spain) have performed successfully these adjustments at their hospitals. These are the greatest long-term re-adjustments ever done, and have really helped these women that, with another sling, they must have been reoperated.

The vast majority of women that have undergone TRT Remeex intervention, have had only the post-op re-adjustment. But if days, weeks, months, years, even decades after, they become incontinent, with a simple re-adjustment of the sling urethral support, they will enjoy a continent life again.

Also for Male Stress Urinary Incontinence

The Remeex System is also available for Male Incontinence. The MRS II Remeex System has the same features than the TRT Remeex, and it has been designed to treat Incontinence, from Moderate to Severe cases.

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Founded more than 20 years ago, Neomedic International is a company totally focused on providing the Medical field with added value surgical methods, solutions and innovative products, which improve physician's quality of work as well as patient's quality of life. At this blog we will try to give you more information and news from the field of medicine in general, but especially about medical advances for urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse and agenesis.
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