KIM sling for Female Incontinence. The importance of being Knotless.

When looking in the Urinary Incontinence sling market, we can find a huge variety of solutions, very different between ones and anothers in quality, shape, sizes… But there is one mesh that has a unique and necessary property that any other device in the market has: the KIM System, the Knotless Incontinence Mesh.

KIM sling for Female SUI - KNOTLESS

The importance of being Knotless:

– Less Infection Risk: The absence of knots means that the mesh will be completely macroporus (there will be no microporus within the knotts). If a mesh is truly macroporus, the macrophages will be able to enter in every corner of the mesh, reducing the infection risk. When a mesh has knots (all market meshes has knots), it will have Microporus within the knots corners where the bacteria may anidate and the macrophages will not be able to pass through.

KIM Knotless sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence– Less Erosion Risk: 
Knots increase roughness of the mesh and produce erosion and extrusion  because every movement can cause friction and the consequent tissue erosion and pain. The risk of erosion is also reduced by the smooth edges of the sling, this properties at allow a painless placement and adjustment of the mesh, with a better and sooner post-op recovery for the patient. The knot volume will create more inflammatory reaction and lower tissue integration process.

More KIM sling features:

The KIM sling properties:


– Less Roughness = Less Erosion
– Less Material = Better Tissue Ingrowth
– No Microporous = Less Infection


– Better Tissue Adaptbility
– Less Erosion


– Better Traction Transmission
– No Elongation


– Avoids Deformation
– Higher Effectiveness

[vimeo 73862267 w=500 h=375]

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