Needleless Sling: Single Incision benefits, TOT results

Needleless System: a Single Incision and transobturator sling

Single Incision TOT sling for Female SUI treatment

Single Incision, minimally invasive, TOT sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence treatment

If we can treat female SUI with a minimally invasive sling, a single incision sling that can also offer the same good results than a normal transobturator sling, why don’t we use it more?

The Needleless System is a Single Incision TOT: the minimally invasive solution for female SUI treatment.

It is minimally invasive because it only needs a single vaginal incision to be placed, but it is also transobturator (TOT), the ends of the mesh (with Pocket Positioning System) are placed in the internal obturator muscle, to give a stronger and long-term support.

Advantages of Needleless versus Retropubic slings:

TVT retropubic sling for Female SUI treatment

TVT retropubic sling for Female SUI treatment

Retropubic approaches have the risk of bladder perforation. When introducing the needles from the vagina to the abdominal incision, bladder can be damaged.

With the Needleless sling this possibility of bladder damaging is minimized because it is placed in the direction of a Transobturator sling, and it is placed through a single incision without skin perforation, a clear advantage over multiple incision slings.

Advantages of Needleless versus traditional Transobturator slings:

Transobturator sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence treatment

Transobturator sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence treatment

With TOT slings, surgical approach pretends to minimize bladder perforation risk, but normally, when passing needles and the sling out through the skin, patient may suffer post operative groin pain. Sometimes the groin pain may persist over time.

Single incision slings do not perforate the skin during its placement minimizing groin pain as it is demosntrated in comparative studies.

Advantages of Needleless versus Minislings:

Minislings have lower results than Retropubic and Transobturator technique. The size of the sling that remains in the body is shorter, leaving a smaller urethral support area. Minisling needs and anchor as a fixation point as it has not enough initial support like the TOT’s or Needleless slings.

The Needleless sling has almost the same urethral support surface area than a standard TOT sling, providing better urethral support and results than minislings.

The Needleless sling is better for the patient and for the doctor:

Needleless sling, a Single Incision TOT for Female SUI treatment

Needleless sling, a Single Incision TOT for Female SUI treatment

–          Less groin pain
–          No skin incisions
–          Faster intervention
–          Possibility of local anesthesia
–          Better results than minislings
–          Same results as TOT

Insertion Tip:

Needleless System includes an Insertion Tip accessory that may facilitate the insertion of the sling to make the surgery even less invasive.

For more information about the Needleless System

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