Easy and minimally invasive way to perform Sacrospinous Fixation

When need to perform a sacrospinous ligament fixation we can use some different approaches. Surgeons usually prefer to perform vaginal sacrospinous fixation, because it is less invasive for the patient and you can arrive to the ligament and perform the fixation more securely and with less damage for the patient.

The state of the art of vaginal sacrospinous fixation system is the Anchorsure System

The Anchorsure System allows surgeon to attach the anchor to the sacrospinous ligament, transvaginally and without squeezing the ligament with sutures or similars. Thanks to its design (5 mm. thickness), doctors can access to the ligament and fix the anchor with the minimal damage to the sorrounding tissues.

With this video you can check how easily  you can perform the anchoring process with the Anchorsure System:

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