Anchorsure System. The state of art of sacrospinous fixation systems.

One of the major problems for many surgeons in the urogynecology field, during a surgical intervention is when placing an implant such as a prothesis or mesh, was the possibility of locating inside the body a safe place where to hold the implant firmly and securely.

This place is the sacrospinous ligament. But achieving this ligament is not enough. The real challenge is to anchor it securely and permanently with the minimal damage in patient’s body. Until the recent launch of the Anchorsure System, many surgeons used more rudimentary and aggressive systems, that normally do not offer a better grip.

Vaginal Sacrospinous Fixation System

The Anchorsure System is the first that allows excellent fixation in the sacrospinous ligament tissue without damaging it. Due to its shape and size (just 5 millimeters thick) can access the ligament quoted with the minimal damage to the patient, and the physician doesn’t need to open a large hole to access the sacrospinous. Being a transvaginal process (requires no incision in the patient’s body) and thanks to its simple design, the Anchorsure allows the doctor to perform an easy job with excellent results and the patient receives a good treatment without need to suffer the hardness of post-operative discomfort. In addition, by anchoring with a small harpoon in the ligament, patient alsmost doesn’t feel pain when moving and changing positions.

The Anchorsure System for a secure sacrospinous ligament fixation

The Anchorsure System process.

The Anchorsure System has demonstrated that is perfect for many other procedures, with or without mesh, and providing a convenient and safe access to the sacrospinous ligament (colporrhaphy as Richter or McCall).

Anchorsure for Pelvic Organ Prolapse treatment

In the case of Surelift System and MIPS (Minimally Invasive Prolapse System), Neomedic International’s mesh for vaginal prolapse, the Anchorsure, thanks to its pulley system allows a wide adjustability of the mesh, balancing the tension as it is introduced into the patient. Further, the doctor places the mesh always in the sacrospinous, so the patient will be always cured of Apical Prolapse, in addition to being cured of Anterior or Posterior Prolapse, depending on the patient’s needs.

Look at this surgical video, and know how the Anchorsure System works. Remember that this content can hurt your sensitivity, if you are from outside the world of medicine.

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