Female Urinary Incontinence. A very common, but silent problem.

What is urinary incontinence?
Urinary incontinence, or involuntary loss of urine, has a strong impact on the life of the person suffering, generating even psychological or emotional disorders such as loss of self-esteem, absence from work, isolation, insecurity, depression and impaired sexual life, so the diagnosis must be correct, as evidence by the Urodynamics, to start treatment for the type of incontinence the patient.

Women of 45 years old and more are the most likely to have this disorder, which can have multiple causes and can occur with sneezing, laughing, coughing or uncontrollable urge to urinate, and can range from a small leak until urine output and uncontrollable abundant. This disorder can affect many people, who, through ignorance sometimes, or embarrassment in other cases, don’t receive medical treatment or help of any kind.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you attend the specialist concerned because urinary incontinence is more than a medical problem as well as generating psychological and emotional (loss of self-esteem, insecurity, anxiety and depression), can cause, in the case of not treated on time, urinary infections and dermatitis, and diminish the quality of life of the person. There are several types of incontinence and the treatments are different for each type.

Women who suffer from incontinence must overcome their fears and go to the specialist, All solutions for incontinence treatment, to recover bladder control and end wit urine leakagewho will determine by appropriate tests the type of urinary incontinence and thus to make the right treatment.

The objective is to evaluate the urodynamic bladder function to determine the causes of incontinence, the degree of impact on the patient and the optimum treatment to follow.
Through Urodynamics is to determine if the bladder has contractions that result in urge to urinate or continence mechanisms are failing the person, in order to determine which part of the mechanism is not working properly. If the patient has urine leakage may also occur during the test.

Specialist’s opinion and a proper diagnosis will let patient and doctor start therapies in accordance with the type of problem and the patient’s lifestyle, such as specialized exercises, drug treatments, devices or procedures as electrostimulation of muscles of continence or nerve stimulation of the nerves of the bladder are also hygienic measures to control dietary intake of fluids and food, and avoid excessive formation of urine.
Often these treatments do not end totally with the problem of urinary incontinence, but they can help reduce their impact on the patient’s life. If the above treatments do not work will make use of the surgical solutions such as placing meshes with different systems, holding the urethra so as to avoid leakage. In this field, Neomedic International offers the best solutions for the needs of each patient.

To know more about this issue you can watch this video of Dr. Dan Reilly, that explains perfectly the female urinary incontinence problem and how to face it.

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